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Hundreds of engaging differentiated resources to help the students in your classroom develop their phonics, grammar, vocabulary, inquiry, and writing skills.

To help out during this stressful time.


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The Writing Resource Club is here to help you get your kids writing.


The goal of the Writing Resource Club is:

  • to make writing fun so your students can't wait to complete their writing projects,
  • to provide your students with the supports they need to become better writers, and
  • to save you planning time in the process.

Hi, I'm Natalie.

Teaching writing to my kids used to frustrate me. I spent hours and hours searching for ideas and resources that would help my kids develop their writing skills.

Over time I discovered what worked for my kids (and me) to become better writers.

I've created this HUGE library of writing resources so you can have similar success helping the kids in your class with their writing.

I used to dislike teaching writing ... but now it's my favorite subject to teach. I LOVE reading the journals, stories, poems, and reports of my students and seeing how they progress as writers.

I want the same for you.

Make Writing Fun

Use fun and engaging activities to motivate your students to write.

The Club is filled with resources that:

  • are easy-to-use and support your students to be successful with their writing,
  • build your student's confidence as they complete the writing activities and projects, and
  • include a variety of interesting projects and topics to appeal to your students and motivate them to write.  

Target Learning Needs

Promote success with differentiated templates and resources.

The Club will help your students by:

  • providing students with resources that are easy-to-follow so students can complete them independently,
  • differentiating materials when needed to allow ALL the students in your classroom to be successful, and
  • breaking down the writing process so students can successfully complete the writing activities.

Save Planning Time

Focus your time on your students with hundreds of no prep activities.

The Club will help you by:

  • giving you immediate access to hundreds of printable and digital writing resources, 
  • saving you planning time with easy-to-use resources that require little to no prep, and
  • using a consistent structure within resources so students can focus on their writing instead of learning how to complete the activities.
I Need Access To The CLUB! Just $9.00/month


  • HUNDREDS OF RESOURCES: the majority of resources are no prep and ready-to-use,
  • DIFFERENTIATED TEMPLATES: so all your kids can be successful with their writing.
  • HOLIDAY AND SEASONAL TOPICS: to motivate and inspire students to write.
  • CONTENT AREA TOPICS: to get kids writing in Science, Social, Health, etc. 
  • PRINTABLE AND DIGITAL RESOURCES: many resources provided in both formats for maximum flexibility.

The Writing Resource Club includes:

Tech Library

The tech library contains videos to help you use the digital resources with Google Slides™.

Topics include:

  • How to Create an Activity
  • How to Assign an Activity to Students
  • Three Things to Teach Your Students About Digital Assignments

Assessment Materials

"This was a wonderful help in setting new goals after the new year. With 1st graders, it is a tough concept, but this little unit made it so much easier. Well done and thank you for a great resource!" - Alison B. 

Formative assessment activities as well as self, peer, and teacher assessments and rubrics encourage students to set goals in their writing. Assessment materials provided for opinion writing, narrative writing, report writing, letter writing, poetry, and MORE!

Daily Writing Activities

"It can be used alone, or to supplement your lesson. I assigned daily and deleted a couple slides. I like that you can use the slides you want and tailor it to your class. Easy to upload to Google Classroom. My students loved it! Thank you!." - Janet R.

The digital and printable writing activities provide a variety of tasks that students can complete to develop their writing skills. Included in each package are word study, vocabulary, writing skills, sentence writing, inquiry questions of the day, and reading response templates.

Digital Writing Notebooks

"This product is worth a million dollars! There are 3 levels to pull from to make differentiation a snap! The phonics slides have TONS of slides so you can give your students ample practice." - Sharon R.

Digital Notebooks contain a variety of activities to get your kids writing. There are 41 different topics of notebooks. Each topic includes three differentiated digital notebooks so you can match the notebooks to the learning needs of your students.

Grammar Activities

"My students love using the drag and drop to complete assignments The assignments are very straightforward and work well with students that need additional practice." - Rose S.

Help your students master their grammar skills with digital grammar activities. There are 123 different Grade 1, 2, and 3 activities. Choose the activities that best meet the learning needs of your students. 

Inquiry Projects

"This was absolutely a perfect bundle for my inquiry unit! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for something that takes you through the entire process with ease and alignment." - Lynda M.

With 11 different topics to choose from, you're sure to find inquiry projects that your students will enjoy! Can't find the topic you want? Use the Inquiry For Any Subject Area resource.

Inquiry Question of the Day

"Just what I have been looking for! Thank you!!" - Kate M.

"Very easy to use." - Kimberly A.

Use the question of the day as bell work, for early finishers, in your literacy centers, or as part of your regular language arts program. Provide students with the same question ... or let them choose the question they want to research. Inquiry questions provided as cut-and-paste, no prep booklets, center cards, and prompts on rings.

Journal Prompts

"I used these prompts in a journal to get the kids used to writing. We use one everyday. They have been improving in writing and also behavior because they are learning to do it on their own with confidence." - Alexix M.

Choose from hundreds of different writing prompts to get your students writing on a daily basis. There are five different writing prompt choices - cut-and-paste, digital, no prep booklets, center cards, and prompts on rings. Writing prompts are perfect to use with daily journals.

Phonics Activities

"This resource is awesome for small group and individual practice. The slides are easy to use and manipulate. My kids enjoy this activity." - Amber B.

Help your students master their phonics skills with the digital phonics activities. There are 123 different Grade 1, 2, and 3 activities. Choose the activities that best meet the learning needs of your students.   


"Lovely little writing kit! Comes with lots of options for versatility and differentiation. Thank you!" - Emily S.

Get your students writing with printable poetry writing templates. Poetry is a fun way to get kids writing. Poetry templates are provided for acrostics, rhyming couplets, my senses, cinquains, color poems, limericks, diamantes, quatrains, and haiku poems. 

Report Writing Resources

"This is the first resource that has truly helped me breakdown the writing process for my students! It is differentiated. It walks them through each step and the final results have been amazing. Thank you for creating this." - Jennifer G.

Over 20 different sets of differentiated report writing templates. Templates are included for jot note, draft copies, and final copies. Topics include animals, habitats, weather storms, illnesses, ocean animals, insects, and more!  

Vocabulary Activities

"The students loved it because it was tiered and everyone was able to work on their own pace." - Carmen C.

"Great way for students to learn important vocabulary." - Courtney H.

Differentiated templates and match activities help your students develop their vocabulary. With over 40 different activities ... some digital and some printable ... you're bound to find activities to use in your classroom.

Writing Activities

"These were great! Kids were engaged. It helped organize their writing." - Janet L.

Get your students writing with the digital and printable writing activity resources. There are over 40 packages on a variety of topics. Each package includes 5 narrative, 5 opinion, 1 how-to, and 1 report writing activity. Editing bookmarks and assessments are also included.


Writing Centers

"This is a great resource of ideas for writing." - Michelle R.

Writing centers are perfect for early finishers, bell work, and as part of your regular language arts program. Writing activities are provided books, cards, diaries, fact books, journals, letters, lists, poems, posters, recipes, and stories.

Writing Choice Boards

 Writing choice boards are a great addition to your classroom. Use the writing choice boards for early finishers, in your literacy centers, or as part of your regular language arts program. Students choose the activities they want to complete from the choice board.

Writing Fluency

Writing fluency is the ability of students to write sentences that are easy to read and understand. Fluent writers are able to write a number of sentences on a given topic. Different options are provided for you to use. These options include no prep booklets, cut-and-pate sentence starters, and literacy cards.

I've also added a few bonuses for you:

Bonus #1: Goal Setting

Get kids goal setting with this awesome bonus!

Included in this bonus:

  • arts ed, behavior, content areas, language arts, and writing assessments,
  • happy faces and 4 point rating scale for assessments,
  • self, peer, and teacher assessments, and
  • MORE!

Bonus #2: Journal Prompts 

Enough writing prompts for the entire year ... and MORE!

In this bonus are:

  • 200 writing prompt cards,
  • 3 prompts on each card including two given prompts and an 'own choice' prompt,
  • target questions to help students with their writing, and 
  • checklists to track writing prompts used.

Bonus #3: Writing Paper

No more lost time searching for writing paper.

In the 46 packages, you'll find:

  • 276 sheets of writing paper,
  • three options with primary & regular lines,
  • seasonal (back to school, Christmas, etc.) and themed (apples, scarecrows, bears, etc.), and
  • color & black and white. 
I Need Access To The CLUB! Just $9.00/month

Frequently Asked Questions

I Need Access To The CLUB! Just $9.00/month