Teaching Writing 101

A collection of over 100 planning ideas, classroom routines, teaching strategies, and writing activities.


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The struggle to teach writing is real.

Can you relate?


“I want students to engage in their writing."

“I feel like I am jumping around and my students never have the opportunity to master anything."

"My challenge is finding time to teach writing.”

"I have trouble finding resources."


You're not the only one.


Like you, I struggled to teach writing to my students for MANY years. I spent so many hours searching for activities to help my kids develop the writing skills I knew were so critical.

Teaching writing 101 is a collection of my best ideas, strategies, and resources that resulted from my own searches and struggles.

Hi, I'm Natalie.

Teaching writing was a major source of frustration for me year after year. The frustration continued to mount as my kids failed to develop their writing skills like I wanted.

I spent countless hours searching for the best activities and strategies to help my students become better writers. 

I spent years searching and struggling until finally developing an effective system for teaching writing. I've compiled a comprehensive file of ideas and resources that actually work to get kids to write.

And now, believe it or not, writing is my favorite subject to teach. I thoroughly enjoy it and my kids do too.

I want the same for you.

Teacher Tested, Kid Approved

Over 30 years of helping kids become better writers have gone into this collection of writing tips, strategies, and ideas. 

Teaching Writing 101 was created because:

  • STRUGGLE: teaching writing can be a struggle.
  • FRUSTRATION: having no writing curriculum can be incredibly frustrating. 
  • CHALLENGE: lack of interest and motivation can make writing challenging for kids.

Options For You and Your Kids

With over 100 tips, strategies, and ideas included in this Teaching Writing collection, you'll find so many options to use in your own classroom.

Teaching Writing 101 has many options because:

  • PREFERENCES: teachers have different teaching styles and preferences.
  • PACING: your kids are at different places on their writing journeys. 
  • DIFFERENTIATION: kids have such a wide range of learning needs.

Resources That Save You Time 

There are 157 printables that you can download and use alongside the strategies and activities in Teaching Writing 101.

The resources you need for the teaching ideas are included because:

  • TIME: you have a never-ending to-do list.
  • TIME: your time is valuable. 
  • TIME: you have a life outside the classroom.
I Need This Collection!


  • LESSON PLANS: tools to help you with lesson planning,
  • ROUTINES: a variety of routines that you can begin using today in your classroom,
  • STRATEGIES: teaching strategies that promote the writing development of your students, and
  • ACTIVITIES: tons of no-prep, ready-to-implement writing activities.

Teaching 101 includes:

Planning Ideas

Looking for ideas to make planning your writing classes easier? Check out the 15 planning ideas in the collection. Whether it's planning tools or writing samples, you're sure to find something you can use.

Classroom Routines

Establishing routines makes your expectations clear, so your students can focus their attention on their writing. Explore the 14 routines included in Teaching Writing 101 to determine if one or more is a fit for you and your students.

Teaching Strategies

Not sure how to get your kids writing? Set your kids up for success by implementing one or more of the 14 highly effective teaching strategies included in Teaching Writing 101. Think like a reporter and highlight student names are just two of the proven strategies you can use.

Writing Activities

Need inspiration to get your kids writing? Choose one or more of the 61 amazing writing activities. All the materials you need are included for use during your language arts class, in the content areas, or even for different seasons and holidays.

I've also added a few bonuses for you:

Bonus #1: Positive Parent Communication

Establishing positive connections with parents can set your school year up for success. Choose the types of communication that best fit your personal teaching style.

Bonus #2: Ten Ways To Help Your Child Write At Home Handout

Teaching writing takes a village. Keep the home/school lines of communication open by providing your students' parents with a copy of "Ten Ways To Help Your Child With Writing." Encourage parents to help their children at home using the variety of writing projects I've included.

Bonus #3: Reading Response Journal

Reading journals get kids to write about what they read. Your students can use the target questions on the 15 cut-and-paste prompts to get ideas for their writing. 

I Need This Collection!

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The Bottom Line ...

Teaching writing to kids can be a challenge. It's one of the hardest subjects to teach but it can also be one of the most rewarding if you have the right tools. This collection of writing tips, strategies, and ideas was created to help make teaching writing to your kids easier. The searching and struggling ends here! Ready to check it out?

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