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How to Use Plant Inquiry in the Primary Grades

Are you looking for ideas to use in your plants unit? Do you want to start teaching basic research skills to your students? Use plant inquiry as part of your Science unit.

Students can learn basic research skills as they search for answers to their inquiry questions about plants.


What is Inquiry?

Inquiry is asking questions and finding answers.

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry based learning is when students research inquiry questions to learn about an area of interest or a unit of study.

Why Inquiry Based Learning Is Important

Inquiry based learning is important because it teaches kids how to do basic research and prepares them for more in-depth report writing and research projects in the future.


Inquiry Project on Plants

Students can research plant inquiry project questions during a Science unit on plants.

Possible inquiry questions about plants are:

  • Why do leaves fall off trees?
  • How does a seed become a plant?
  • Why do plants have roots?

Inquiry Based Learning Steps In Science

There are five simple steps students can follow to complete an inquiry research project.

Step One: Pose a Question - Students think about what they want to know about plants. They come up with a question they would like to research.

Step Two: Conduct Research - Students research to find the answers to their questions. They can use information from books or magazines or search for information on the internet.

Step Three: Interpret Research - Students study what they have learned when researching their questions. They decide what information they want to use to answer their inquiry question.

Step Four: Share Learning - There are many different ways for students to share their learning with the rest of the class. Students can choose the type of presentation that best matches their learning style.

Step Five: Assess Inquiry Process - A final optional step to using inquiry is to assess the inquiry process. Provide assessments and rubrics to encourage self, peer, and teacher assessment.

Materials shown in this blogpost are a part of Plant Inquiry resource. It is available on TeachersPayTeachers.

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