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How To Integrate Writing During Healthy Choices Unit

Looking for ways to integrate writing into your unit on making healthy choices? Students can write mini books, keep a journal, use hot seat questions, extend the anticipation guide, and complete exit cards during the health unit. 

Five Ways To Integrate Writing Into A Healthy Choices Unit

1. Write Mini-Books - Provide students with a blank mini book or a book with sentence starters or prompts and have them write about making healthy choices. Digital Option: Provide students with the mini-book templates on Google slides and have them type in their information and/or provide images they find online.

2. Keep A Journal - A journal is a great place for students to record their learning. You can provide students with questions or sentence prompts to help them get started or you can ask students to write what they learned during a particular lesson or in the healthy choices unit. Another way to use journals is to have students write about a habit and explain why the habit is healthy or unhealthy. Digital Option: Instead of providing students with a physical journal or pieces of paper, send students the journal pages through Google Slides.

3. Use Hot Seat Questions With a Twist - There are a number of ways you can integrate writing into your hot seat questions. Hot seat questions are traditionally placed under a number of chairs in your classroom. When students get to class, they look under their chair to see if they have a hot seat question. You then go around the class and the students answer the questions they found under their chairs. Digital Option: Provide students with Google Slides of the hot seat questions and students can type in their answers and submit them to you online.

4. Extend the Anticipation Guide - Use anticipation guides to get kids thinking about healthy choices. Encourage students to write about the 'no' choices they made on their anticipation guide as a way of integrating writing into a unit of study. Digital Option: Upload the anticipation guides into Google slides and provide room for students to type about the 'no' responses they made.

5. Complete Exit Cards - Exit cards are the perfect way for students to demonstrate their learning. Provide students with an exit card to complete before they leave class. Students can write about healthy and unhealthy choices, something new they learned that day, or identify questions they may have about a unit on healthy habits. Digital Option: Put your exit cards on Google Slides so students can access from both home and in the classroom.

DIY or Ready-Made?

You can easily create these resources on your own but if you want to save time check out this Healthy Habits resource. The activities mentioned from this blogpost are found in this resource, along with other healthy choice activities you may find useful during your unit. The Healthy Choices package contains both printable and digital Google Slide pages so you can choose how you want to present the activities to your students.

The Making Healthy Choices package is found on TeachersPayTeachers.

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