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Imagine walking into your classroom and all your students are hard at work setting goals, assessing results, and supporting each other with goal setting. Yes, this vision is possible! Join me throughout the week as we look at a variety of tools and resources to make this dream closer to a reality! Be sure to get your FREE set of Goal Setting Posters!

How to Start Goal Setting With Your Students

Let’s begin … but first …

Welcome to Teaching with a Touch of Honey!

I am SO excited to begin my blog … for the THIRD time! As the saying goes, third time’s a charm … right? An absolutely HUGE thank you to Danielle Westvang from Crayon Box Learning and Teacher Blog Designs for making this blog come alive for me! She is simply the BEST!

A Flash To My Past Goal Setting

When I began my teaching career, oh so long ago, I believed goal setting occurred at report card time. As I met with each student and their parent(s), we would “come up” with a goal that the student could work on – putting capitals on sentences, raising a hand to respond, studying for the weekly spelling test … Gasp! Yes, I am that old!

We would then “set” the goal, determine a strategy or two to try, maybe write their goal on a recipe card and attach it to their desk … and then forget about it until … YIKES! … the next reporting period.

The next reporting period would arrive and, “YAY” the goal was reached or “Maybe we need to keep working on this goal ….” and the cycle would continue.

Fast Forward to The Present

Over the years, I continually worked at improving the goal setting process until I came up with a system that worked for my students. From reading books and articles, scouring the internet, checking out Pinterest ideas, and talking to other teachers, I came up with the seven steps that support students as they set goals. Not only does this process help students determine their goals but they can track, assess, reflect, and adjust their goals as well. Goal setting is a lifelong skill and it is never too early to begin learning about this process.

The Seven Steps of the Goal Setting Process

  1. Determine the Goal
  2. Establish a Baseline
  3. Describe Success
  4. Focus on the Goal
  5. Track Progress
  6. Assess Achievement
  7. Reflect on Goal

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Now comes the fun part … the “touch of honey” …

Over the last few months I have been updating all my goal setting resources and trying to make them better. I decided to launch my “new” blog and “Hive Highlights: A Weekly Recap For Busy Teachers” by focusing on goal setting and creating a series of “freebies” to support teachers with the goal setting process.


Hive Highlights Freebie

Today’s freebie is package of materials that support students with goal setting. Join Hive Highlights and receive Seven Steps to Goal Setting: Posters, Trading Cards, and Bookmarks.

Included in this FREE package of materials:

  • posters for each of the seven steps of the goal setting process,
  • “mini” posters (a.k.a. trading cards) that students can refer to at each stage of the process, and
  • bookmarks that list the seven steps.

The posters and trading cards include targeted questions that students can ask themselves at each step of the goal setting process. All materials are available in both colour and black and white.


A few different ways to use the materials would be to:

  • Hang the posters on the wall.
  • Put the posters in a reference binder or booklet.
  • Attach a ring to the trading cards.
  • Give each student a bookmark for reference.

CLICK on the image below to join Hive Highlights and receive your free copy of  Seven Steps of Goal Setting: Posters, Trading Cards, and Bookmarks. In addition to this goal setting package, you will receive a weekly recap of blog posts, select freebies, exclusive discounts, special offers, and new product updates.


Your Input Please!

Please let me know what you think of the posters, trading cards, and bookmarks. Is there a way to make them better? Also, share your goal setting tips, tricks, and challenges in the comment section below.

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