There are many different opportunities to integrate writing into a dinosaur unit! Create What Am I? Riddles, a Dinosaur Diary, or a Dinosaur Fact Book and encourage students to use their knowledge of dinosaurs in their writing.

How to Promote Writing During a Dinosaur Unit

Writing is my favourite subject to teach! When you combine writing with a dinosaur unit, you have engaging activities that will appeal to students.

Dinosaur What Am I? Riddles

Have your students write “What Am I?” riddles about different dinosaurs. Students write two to five facts about the dinosaur and end with the question, “What Am I?”


Dinosaur Diary

Students chose a dinosaur and then keep a diary throughout the dinosaur unit. Students write diary entries from the perspective of their chosen dinosaur. CLICK on the image to download a dinosaur diary template:

Dinosaur Diary Cover

Dinosaur Diary Page

Dinosaur Fact Book

Another great writing idea for a dinosaur unit is to have your students keep dinosaur fact books. Students write new facts about dinosaurs as they learn them. DOWNLOAD your fact book templates:

Dinosaur Fact Book Cover

Please take a minute and answer the following question in the comment section below: “How do you integrate writing ideas into your dinosaur unit?” Thanks!

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