What could be more fun than a dinosaur day? Plan a dinosaur day with your students. Use some of the ideas in this blogpost in your planning!

How to Plan a Dinosaur Day With Your Students

Plan a dinosaur day with your students to celebrate the end of the unit. Let your students help you plan the day … but add in a few surprises!

Brainstorm Ideas

As a class, brainstorm ideas related to dinosaurs. Accept all the responses that students give. Together, plan out the day with your students.

Add In a Few Surprises

Air Dry Clay

Visit the dollar store and stock up on different colours of air dry clay. Let students create “new” dinosaurs. After they make their dinosaurs, have them give their dinosaurs a name and write details about their life. Students can decide if their dinosaur is a meat-eater or a plant-eater and give other interesting facts as well.


Dinosaur Footprints

Go outside and have students use pylons and string to recreate the size of a dinosaur’s footprint. If you have enough room, students can also stake out the heights of different dinosaurs.


Either have students make cookies during class or bring in cookies that are the shape of different dinosaurs. The students can then decorate and eat their cookies.

Dinosaur Movie

Set up a dinosaur movie for the afternoon. Students can watch “A Land Before Time,” or “Ice Age.” Bring in snacks, along with pillows and blankets and let the students sit back and enjoy the show!

Games and Puzzles

Bring in dinosaur games and puzzles and let students spend time playing the games and building the puzzles. Students can make up their own games and puzzles as well.

Please take a minute and answer the following question in the comment section below: “What activities do your students enjoy taking part in during a dinosaur unit?” Thanks!

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