Are you looking for a way to support all the students in your class with their vocabulary development? Try using tiered vocabulary activity booklets! Read on for step-by-step instructions to create your own DIY vocabulary activity sheets….or scroll down for a time-saving option!

How To Make TieredVocabulary Booklets

Steps To Making Tiered Vocabulary Activity Booklets – DIY Option

There are five simple steps to create tiered vocabulary booklets for your students.

Step One: Determine Your List of Vocabulary Words

On a scrap piece of paper, or using the following template, determine a list of vocabulary words you want your students to master. Include the words and easy-to-understand definitions. CLICK on the image to DOWNLOAD the template.

Vocabulary List

Step Two: Create a Template For Your Students to Use

Decide what aspects you would like your students to practice in relation to their vocabulary. Do you want your students to:

  • identify the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.),
  • write a synonym or antonym for each word,
  • think of adjectives to describe the word,
  • use the vocabulary word in a sentence, and/or
  • draw a picture of the vocabulary word.

Here is a basic template that I like to use with students. CLICK on the image to DOWNLOAD vocabulary templates.

Vocabulary Templates 1

Step Three: Tier the Template For Students With Low Writing Input

If you have students that have trouble with writing output, adjust the template to meet their needs. For these students, I like to use a template that includes the word, the definition, and drawing a picture.  CLICK on the image to DOWNLOAD vocabulary templates.

Vocabulary Templates 2

Step Four: Tier the Template For Students Who Need a Challenge

For students that you would like to challenge, provide a template like the following.  CLICK on the image to DOWNLOAD vocabulary templates.

Vocabulary Templates 3

Step Five: Add a Cover and Give to Your Students

Design a cover for your vocabulary booklets or CLICK to DOWNLOAD this cover. Use the same cover for each student but include the templates that are appropriate for each student’s individual learning need. Your booklets are now complete! Give to your students to support their vocabulary development! Students can work on one word a day or let students complete in their spare time as an anchor activity.

Vocabulary Booklet Cover

Time Saving Option

Love the idea but sounds like too much work right now? No time to create your own tiered vocabulary activities? Check out the tiered vocabulary booklets on the following topics:


All products are also found in my TeachersPayTeachers and Teacher’s Notebook stores.

Tiered Vocabulary Booklets

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