There is something about an “under the sea” unit that appeals to students of all ages. Everyone has their favourite under the sea animal. Some students love learning about sharks, while others want to find out everything they can about dolphins or sea turtles. Take direction from your students when planning your under the sea unit!

How To IntroduceStudents To Under The Sea Unit

Introductory Ideas For An Under the Sea Unit

Since there are so many different directions that you can go during an under the sea unit, consider asking your students what they want to learn. This is a great unit to use inquiry! Use carousel brainstorming, a graffiti wall, or entry cards to gather information about what your students want to learn.

Carousel Brainstorming

I like to post different types of brainstorming questions around the room for an under the sea unit. I find students already know quite a bit about the ocean and under the sea life. Use the following questions with your students … or think of other questions you would like to ask.

  • What is one under the sea fact that not everyone will know?
  • What questions do you have about under the sea?
  • If you could be an under the sea animal, what would you be? Give one or two reasons for your choice.
  • Can you think of an under the sea animal that starts with each letter of the alphabet?
  • What jobs involve working on or near the ocean?

Print each question on a sheet of chart paper or CLICK on the image to download the ready-made question headings. Post these throughout the room. Ask students to circulate through the classroom and respond to the questions.

Under the Sea Carousel


Graffiti Wall

Cover a wall in your classroom with butcher paper. Ask students to draw and write about under the sea on the graffiti wall. Leave the graffiti wall up throughout the unit and students can add new information whenever they learn something new.


Entry Cards

Before beginning an under the sea unit, give each student an entry card and ask them to write down three questions they would like to research. CLICK on the image to download your entry card template.

Under the Sea Entry Card Cover

Please take a minute and answer the following question in the comment section below: “How do you introduce an under the sea unit to your students?” Thanks!

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