Are you beginning a new plant unit with your students? Have students plant seeds and journal the growth from seed to full-grown plant.

How to Introduce a Plants Unit to Your Students

How to Raise Seeds With Students

Step One: Bring in Planting Supplies

Gather together clay pots, seeds, and dirt. Discuss the different materials and the purpose of each with your students.

Step Two: Plant Seeds

Give each student a plant pot. Students decorate their plant pots and then plant the seeds in their individual pots.

Step Three: Discuss Needs of Plants

As a class, discuss what a plant needs to grow. Plants need food, water, and sunlight. Discuss the importance of each need and what would happen if plants did not have each of these things.


Step Four: Begin Journals

Provide each student with a journal. Students keep a journal to document the growth of their plant. CLICK on the image and below to DOWNLOAD Plant Journal Templates:

Plant Journal Cover

Step Five: Document Plant Growth

Students use their journals to document the growth of their plant. They should aim to write in their journal every day or every couple of days.

How to Introduce a Plants Unit to Your Students (1)

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