I am continually looking for different ways of incorporating writing into my teaching. Try creating riddles, inventing storms, or doing simple research with your students to promote their writing development.

How to Integrate Writing Into a Weather Unit

What Am I Riddles?

Students can create weather “What am I?” riddles. Write the names of different storms or weather words on individual slips of paper. Students draw out a word and write a riddle about that word. For example, if a student chose the word blizzard, a riddle might be: I am a winter storm. I have very high winds. It is hard to see when I am around. What am I? Students can write their riddles on scrap pieces of paper or CLICK on the image to use the template:

What Am I Weather Riddles

Students write their riddle on the first page and then print the answer and draw a picture to match their weather word on the second page.

You may want to create a riddle book as a class, or let the students compose more than one riddle to create a book of their own. A cover is included in the download.

Storm Discovery

Ask your students to close their eyes and imagine they are in the midst of an unusual storm. Have them picture what they are seeing, hearing, and feeling. Tell the students this is the first time this type of storm has ever been encountered. The students should think about what is unique about this storm. When students have had enough time to visualize the storm, ask them to open their eyes and fill out the New Storm Discovery Poster below:

New Storm Discover Poster

Print the discovery posters on 11″ X 17″ paper to give students more room to draw and write about their storm.

Simple Research

As a class, brainstorm a list of questions that the students wonder about that are related to weather. Divide students into groups of 2 or 3 and have them research a question in weather books or on the internet. After they have discovered their answers, ask students to decide how they will present the information to the other students. Encourage students to come up with new and creative ways of sharing the information. Some students may present information by:

  • conducting an interview,
  • creating a dance,
  • writing a poem,
  • making a poster, etc.


I hope you found an idea that you can use in your classroom! Enjoy your weather unit!

Please take a minute and answer the following question in the comment section below: “How do you integrate writing into your weather unit?” Thanks!

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