Do you have early finishers who you want to challenge when they are finished their regular classwork?  Use one or more of these 5 quick and easy Earth Day anchor activities to support student learning!

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Earth Day Anchor Activity Ideas

The following Earth Day anchor activities can be used with students who finish their work and are asking, “What’s next?”

1. Earth Day Brainstorming – Post chart paper in a corner of the room with headings such as “Ways to Help the Earth,” “Earth Day Vocabulary,” and “How I Can Make a Difference.” When students finish their work, they add their ideas to the charts. As students learn more about Earth Day and further their understanding, they add this new information to the charts.

2. Stories About Earth Day – Students write an adventure story about Earth Day. They develop the setting, characters, and plot. Encourage students to build suspense in their story.

3. Models of the Earth – Put tubs of different coloured play dough or clay on a desk or table in a corner of the classroom. When students have spare time, they create a model of the Earth.

4. Earth Day Classroom Library – Bring in a number of books about Earth Day. Set up in a display so students can see the covers of the books. If students finish their work early, they can grab a book and read.

5. Support Earth Day Posters – Give students a sheet of bristol board or 11×17 paper. Students create a poster in support of Earth Day. They may choose to talk about the purpose of Earth Day, give suggestions to support Earth Day, or come up with some of their own ideas.


Please take a minute and answer the following question in the comment section below: “Do you use anchor activities with your students? Do you base them on curriculum outcomes or goals?” Thanks!

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