Are you looking for ways to integrate writing into your habitat unit? Check out these five different writing activities that encourage students to write and explore their learning about habitats. Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the activity sheets to use with each of the different writing activities!

Habitat Part 3


Writing Ideas

1. Habitat Fact Book: Give students a blank journal or make a Habitat Fact Book using the following templates. Students record facts they learn about habitats in their Fact Books.

Habitat Fact Book 1

Habitat Fact Book 2

2. Animal Journal: Have each student choose an animal. Encourage students to choose animals from different habitats. Throughout the unit, ask students to make entries into their journals from the point of view of the animal they have chosen.

Habitat Animal Journal 1

Habitat Animal Journal 2

3. Learning Log: As students take part in different activities during their habitat unit, have them write things they learn, questions they have, or interesting information they gather in a learning log. Download the following templates to create a Habitat Learning Log for your students.

Habitat Learning Log 1

Habitat Learning Log 2

4. Journal Prompts: Provide students with journal prompts. Students use the information they have gained during the habitat unit to create their journal entries. Below are two journal prompts you can give your students. For additional journal prompts, check out Habitat Journal: 25 Journal Writing Templates.

Habitat Journal Prompt

5. New Animal Discovery Poster: Give each student a copy of the new animal discovery poster. Print off on 11 x 17 paper to create the posters. Encourage students to use the information they have gained about habitats to describe the new animal they have discovered!

Habitat Poster

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