Differentiate is a great way to involve all the students in your class. Check out these five strategies to differentiate learning about insects in your classroom!

Insects Part 3

5 Differentiation Strategies

Use these differentiation strategies during your insect unit:

  • inside outside circle,
  • coloured cups,
  • graffiti wall,
  • pass the insect, and
  • hot seat questions.

1. Inside Outside Circle

Divide the students into two even groups. One group of students form the inside circle while the other group of students form the outside circle. Students in the inside circle face a partner in the outside circle. Explain to students that they will be sharing what they know about insects. Give students a couple of minutes to share. Students that make up the inside circle then take one step to the right and repeat the process with their new partner. After students have shared information with a number of partners, have everyone gather together and brainstorm what they know. Write down these pieces of information on chart paper. By activating prior knowledge using the inside outside circle strategy, all students will have something to share during the class discussion.


2. Coloured Cups

Give each student a set of three coloured cups – a red cup, a yellow cup, and a green cup. Throughout the insect unit, ask students to use the coloured cups to indicate their need for help during activities and assignments. Students place the green cup on top if they understand what they are doing and do not need help. They can place the yellow cup on top if they need a little help when possible. Finally, the students place a red cup on top when they are really struggling and need help as soon as possible.

3. Graffiti Wall

Cover a wall in your classroom with butcher paper. Throughout the insect unit, let students draw and write what they know about insects on the graffiti wall. Encourage students to use bright coloured markers and crayons to decorate the wall. Study the student responses to gather information on student knowledge and to help you plan your instruction.

4. Pass the Insect

Bring in an insect stuffed animal to class. During a class discussion, pass the insect around to the students. Students are only allowed to share information when they are holding the stuffed insect. The rest of the time they need to be good listeners and give their attention to the person speaking.

5. Hot Seat Questions

Place questions about insects underneath the seats of different students. Match the type of question asked to the learning ability and needs of each student. Ensure that students will be able to successfully answer the question under their desk seat.

Insect Hot Seat 1

Insect Hot Seat 2

Insect Hot Seat 3

Please take a minute and answer the following question in the comment section below: “How do you differentiate learning for your students?” Thanks!

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