Choice Boards can be used with students that have different ability levels and learning needs. They can be used in a variety of different ways in your classroom. Be sure to download your FREEBIE spring choice board.

Spring Part 2

Choice Board Uses

Choice boards can be used in different ways. Use choice boards:

  • as part of a unit,
  • in a learning centre,
  • as an anchor activity,
  • for partner or small group work, or
  • as a homework activity.

Part of a Unit

Include the choice board as part of a spring unit. Students are required to complete a given number of activities or complete activities that form a line.

Learning Centre

Another use of choice boards is in a learning centre. Students can choose the activities they want to complete when they are at that learning centre. The choice board can also be a checklist and each activity on the choice board can become a learning centre activity.


Anchor Activity

The choice board can be used as an anchor activity. Students complete the activities whenever they have free time in the classroom.

Partner or Small Group Work

Students can work with a partner or small group to complete activities on the choice board.

Homework Activity

Ask students to complete a spring activity on the choice board as a homework activity to practice different reading and writing skills.

Spring Choice Board

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Spring Choice Board 1

Spring Choice Board 2

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