Are you looking for ideas that meet the needs of the different learning styles of students in your classroom? Try one or more of these ideas that allow visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners to learn about making healthy choices! Don’t forget to download your Making Healthy Choices Journal FREEBIE for students to write and draw about their learning.

Healthy Choices Part 3

5 Teaching Ideas

  1. Healthy Habits Fair – Hold a “Healthy Habits Fair” in your classroom. Invite parent and/or students from other grades to come and view your fair. Students create a presentation to share with visitors. Encourage students to develop presentations that appeal to different learning styles. Presentations may include different ways of being active for the kinesthetic learners, reports or pamphlets on healthy eating for visual learners, and short speeches or taped video clips for auditory learners. Students can choose to create their presentation on their own primary learning style or on a style they want to develop.7135
  2. Graffiti Wall – Creating a graffiti wall in your classroom is a great way to get students up and out of their desks. Cover a wall, or part of a wall, with butcher paper. At the start of a unit have students write or draw what they know about making healthy choices on the graffiti wall. Throughout the unit, give students the opportunity to add to the graffiti wall when they learn new information about making healthy choices.
  3. Healthy Habits Day – As a class, plan a healthy habits day. Students incorporate healthy habits into their regular school day. You may decide to have a class lunch. All decisions made during the healthy habits day should be based on information students are learning about this topic.
  4. Try a New Activity Afternoon – Set up different stations in the gym and give students the opportunity to try out new ways of being active and getting their exercise. Bring in a yoga instructor, a wrestling coach, and a hip hop dance teacher to demonstrate these activities to the students and let them try them out.
  5. Guest Speakers – Ask different speakers in the health field to come in and present to students. You may want to include a dental health nurse, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer. Ask presentations to include activities in their presentations that involve students. For example, the dental health nurse could bring in toothbrushes and dental floss and show students how to use correctly. The nutritionist could make a simple “nutritious” snack with the students and the personal trainer could have the students complete a workout routine.

Making Healthy Choices Journal

Throughout your unit on healthy choices, have students begin or end each class by writing and drawing what they are learning in their journal. Use a notebook or the following templates to create your journal

Healthy Journal 1

Healthy Journal 3

Healthy Journal 2

Your Input Please!

Please take a minute and answer the following question in the comment section below: “What creative and interesting ways do you have for teaching your students about healthy habits?” Thanks!

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