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Spring Math 5


21 Spring Teaching Ideas


1. Compare and Contrast – Provide students with a Venn Diagram or a compare and contrast template. Have students compare two books about different seasons (such as fall (autumn) and spring) or two books about spring.

2. Book Display – Create a book display related to spring. Encourage students to visit the display and read different books whenever they have free time or finish class assignments.

3. Reading Log – Encourage students to read 10 books about spring. Students record their books in their reading log and write a one sentence summary or book recommendation for each book.


4. Spring Walk – Take your class on a walk. Go around the neighbourhood. Ask students to use their senses to look for signs of spring. When students return to class, have them write about what they saw, felt, heard, etc. on their walk that was related to spring.

5. Picture Books – Students create picture books about spring. Encourage them to go through the writing process. When students are finished, they can read their books to younger students at their school.

6. One Minute Book Reviews – Set aside time each day for students to present one minute reviews on books they have read about spring. Set criteria for students to follow when they present their reviews. Students may write jot notes or cue cards to help them remember the key ideas they want to present in their reviews.


7. Sequels – After students read a narrative book about spring, have them write a possible sequel to the story. Bind all stories together so students can read the stories written by their classmates. Another option would be to read a spring story to the class and have them all write a sequel to the same story.

8. Spring Newspaper – Put students into groups and have them create a spring newspaper. Children can be assigned different sections of the newspaper and report on weather, current events, upcoming activities, etc.

9. How To Plan A Picnic – Explain to the students that they will be writing a book on how to plan a picnic. Students can write from the perspective of themselves or they can write how an ant, a bird, or a rabbit may plan the “perfect” picnic. Tell students to be create in their writing. When finished, students turn their story into a book and add illustrations.


10. Measuring Activity – Take students outside to enjoy the nice spring weather. Provide them with measuring tapes and a list of objects to measure. Be sure to review how to measure with a measuring tape before students begin this activity.

11. Spring Shape Brainstorming – For this activity, decide if you will use 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, or both. Put the name of a shape and a visual on top of 6 to 8 sheets of chart paper. Ask students to go around the room and brainstorm objects related to spring that contain each shape.

12. Problem Solving – Create problems about spring and let students solve on huge sheets of butcher paper. Encourage students to show different ways of solving the same problem (draw a picture, use tally marks, making a list, etc.).

13. Graph Rainfall – Put a rain gauge up somewhere in the school yard. Collect rain and graph the amount of rainfall by day, week, month, and for the entire spring season. Look at the data. Ask students to draw conclusions from the data gathered about spring rainfall.

Arts Ed

14. Sidewalk Chalk – Get tubs of sidewalk chalk and take students outside and let them create pictures related to spring on the sidewalks and blacktop areas on the playground and around the school.

15. Paint Spring Scenes – On a beautiful spring day, take students outside with paper and paints and let them paint scenes of the world around them.

16. Spring Art – Discuss abstract art and bring in samples to show the students. Ask students to create a piece of abstract art related to spring. Set up a gallery of artwork by placing the artwork around the room. Invite parents or other classes into the room to view the students’ pieces of art.

17. Birdhouse – Bring in different types of materials (cardboard, popsicle sticks, paper towel rolls, etc.) and have students design a birdhouse. Discuss what is needed in a structure before students begin this activity.

18. Clay Insects – Students love to use clay to create. Have them make insects out of clay and paint in bright colours. Another option for this activity would be to imagine they discovered a new insect. After they make the insect out of clay, they write a brief description of the insect and where they discovered it.

19. Ribbons – Give students a ribbon on a stick and have them work with a partner or small group to create a dance about spring that uses their ribbons.


20. Sprout Bean Seeds – Give each student a bean seed to sprout. Ask students to chart the progress of their bean seed in a journal and give their reasons for why the bean seed is or is not growing. Tell students to focus on what is needed for a bean seed to grow. Discuss findings as a class at key points and at the end of this activity.

21. Flower Garden – Students plant seeds to grow flowers or bring in slips of plants. If there is a spot for growing outside the school, students can plant their garden outside. If not, have students plant an indoor flower garden in the classroom. Discuss what is needed for plants and flowers to grow and ensure the garden is provided with what it needs.


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